15 February | 7th grade

Grammar 1 –

Things are divided into 2 categories – Squirrels & non-squirrels –

  • house

  • squirrel

  • baby squirrel

  • hippo

  • tiny itty bitty squirrel

  • really old fluffy apple

  • really old fluffy dancing squirrel

Words = Verbs (V) or NonVerbs (NV)

Verbs are specific to time

Verb =           

1. action or existence

                                    action = sing, sleep, laugh, talk, hope, think, love

                                    existence = is, were, has been                                                     

2. does not end in “-ing”

            NV = singing, sleeping, laughing, thinking

            (words ending -ing are “gerunds” & act as nouns)        

3. does not have “to” directly before it

            NV = to believe, to sing, to love, to be

(words with “to” directly in front are “infinitives” and not localized to a specific time.


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