It all started when


It all started in Spring of 2017 when I learned that Baylor had an Odyssey and that my classmates were working on a music video replete with 360 sound. Almost immediately, my mind went to the possibilities of melding cinematic VR (CVR) with high school English classes.  I wondered at how my students would have perceived Dickinson and her work if they had been able to stand in her room and watch out its windows. The thought made me smile -- it still does. 

Though Baylor does not have holdings in Dickinson, it does have the largest collection of Browning work in the world housed at the Armstrong-Browning Library (ABL).  On the top floor of the ABL is a room dedicated to Elizabeth Barrett Browning (EBB) made up to look as much like the early 1800s as possible.  With EBB's "How Do I Love Thee" anthologized across our country, a little idea began to form. 

This little idea has now grown into EBB CVR - a graduate student production - a graduate student production that would not be possible without the generous support of the ABL and Baylor's Film & Media Department and too many individuals to list here. (But they will be listed in the credits.)

Amanda GardnerEBB CVR, VR, amg