For Parents. 

Okay - let's get to it.  The next few years are going to be hard.  Hard on you and hard on your high schooler. What I'd like to give you is some inside information on the inner workings and language of secondary education so that you are better able to decode what your student is experiencing in a 21st century high school.  

As such, I'm starting with a few things to do in the semester and summer before your student reaches high school.  I will be adding to the list, but here's the start: PARENT PRE-HIGH SCHOOL SURVIVAL KIT.

The First Two Years

These are the most important years for your student in high school - they are also the most difficult for your student and for you - for your student because there is a discernible physical, social, and emotional difference between her as a lower classman and the upper classmen - for you because you are watching your child struggle to develop into an independent person with all of the heartaches and joys, struggles and triumphs, disappointments and joys that independence brings. 

As a parent, you should have some tools to help you and your student - clicking on the year will take you to the tips.  

The Final Two Years

These years are