Book reviews to peruse

The following are some models of current online book reviews curated for your use as you plan your own podcast or video review. They are linked through their titles. To use this resource efficiently, try watching/listening a few minutes to each and, in addition to considering the key questions of media literacy (posed by National Association for Media Literacy Education here) consider the following:


  • Positives? Negatives? (In other words, what kept your interest on the review, what pulled it away?)

  • How is the shot composed? how much of the reviewer fills the frame? from what angle? background? lighting? Impact of these?

  • How is the review constructed? sequence of shots? number of cuts? typography overlays or image insertions? Impact of these?


  • Positives? Negatives? (see above)

  • How is the track composed? mono or stereo? voice quality (monotone, inflection, emphasis)? Impact of these?

  • How is the review constructed? sequence of sounds? of voices? special effects and/or music? Impact of theses?

Leena reviews the sequel to Handmaidens Tale, The Testaments. There is a spoiler, so you could choose another of her reviews instead, her style is the same.

Review of One Memory I Never Want to Forget by Flora Banks. As with the above, if you don’t want to watch this one, choose one of her others.

A review of Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, the novel that got me, amanda, into teaching.

A reading and discussion of Nadine Gordimer’s “Pet.”

Gail Honeyman, author of Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine, discusses her new book.

A duo ponders Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness.