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Noah Alderfer

as Pen Browning

Elizabeth and Robert Browning’s son, the viewer’s current boyfriend and guide in the experience.

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Griffin DeClaire

as Ferdinando Romangnoli

the Brownings’ Italian cook and Elizabeth Wilson Romangnoli’s husband.

BaileyHarris - bailey harris.png

Bailey Harris

as Arabella Barrett

Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s youngest sister, devoted to her nephew and her community.


Payton Heidenreiter

as Isa Blagden

friend of the Brownings and transcriber of Robert Browning’s poems.


Victoria Holloway

as Mrs. Eliza Ogilvy

friend of the Brownings who met the famous couple during their mutual stay at Casa Guidi.

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Lily Howard

as Hattie Hosmer

19th century America sculptor who befriended the Brownings in Florence. She created their bronze hands housed in the Armstrong Browning Library.


Gabe Lipton

as Robert Bulwer Lytton

attaché with the British Embassy in Florence and frequently welcomed visitor of the Brownings.

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Ashton Martin

as Elizabeth Wilson Romangnoli

long-time personal maid to Elizabeth Barrett Browning, wife of Ferdinando Romangnoli, and like a mother to Pen Browning.


Steven Pounders

as Robert Browning

frequently referred to as “Mr. Elizabeth Barrett Browning” during his life, fellow poet and devoted husband to Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

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Hannah Rosenkranz

as Julia Martin

long time acquaintance of Elizabeth Barrett Browning who knew the the poet as a child and corresponded with Elizabeth her entire life.