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EBB CVR Crew List


Amanda Gardner

Executive Producer, Creator, Co-Writer

This is Amanda's first experience writing and producing for film.  She is, however, a published poet more years ago than she will admit, has written plays for friends who seemed to like them, taught countless students how to analyze film, and was once co-founder, editor, and photographer for a small online large format cinema website, World Enteractive – her favorite bit of that gig? being able to take photos of George Lucas wearing 3D glasses for the premiere of the opening sequence of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope in 3D.

Currently she's completing coursework for her PhD in Curriculum and Teaching at Baylor University. This production will be used as part of her dissertation study in the fall as she seeks to determine the effect of an immersive CVR experience on high school students' connection with and understanding of Elizabeth Barrett Browning's heavily anthologized "How Do I Love Thee?"

As executive producer, she knows hers is the best production team anywhere and she is so grateful for each of them offering their talent to this project. As the writer, she is excited to see how her idea & her words will alter under the influence of her team. As a teacher, she thinks constantly about how she can use her experience as part of a working production to help educators better help their students become more savvy consumers of this medium.  And, as a student, whenever she thinks about this project, she hears her own voice like that of Agnes from Despicable Me, joyfully crying, "I'm so happy I could die!" She won't though, she has a nephew she's looking forward to watching grow up. 


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Tori Ewing


Tori Ewing is from Dallas, TX and has a huge passion for creating and producing quality educational content for children. Graduating from Baylor University with a Bachelor of Arts in 2017, Tori has worked for Sesame Workshop and High Noon Entertainment and is currently in the process of developing her own television show for preschoolers.

@ToriEwing - Twitter



Gabe Lipton

Director, Co-Writer

Gabe Lipton is originally from Spokane, Washington, but moved to Waco, Texas in 2013 to attend Baylor University where he received a BFA in theatre performance and a minor in film and digital media. He is currently pursuing his MA in communications at Baylor with a focus on directing and writing. Gabe’s passion has always been for filmmaking but he’s recently become very interested in the possibilities of VR storytelling. Using his background in both theatre and film, Gabe hopes to combine the best of both worlds as he and the rest of the EBB team work to make this VR experience the best that it can be. 

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Marcos Luna Hoyas

Cinematographer, Post Visuals, Lighting

Marcos Luna Hoyas was raised in a family of teachers on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea in Denia, Spain. He believes that the world needs a positive change and that one of the most powerful tools we have to drive this change forward is through telling inspirational stories. So that he could tell those stories, Marcos studied Media and Communication at the University Juame I of Castellon in Valencia, Spain and is continuing to hone his craft by studying from his M.A. in Film and Digital Media at Baylor University. Marcos specializes in VR cinematography and post-production. He was recently awarded the 2017 HPA-SMPTE award for best Documentary Short with Technology as the Subject Matter.




Christina Gray

Spatial Audio Designer

Christina Gray is currently pursuing her Master of Arts in Communication at Baylor University. Her passion is all about children and how they are affected by what they watch. When it comes to filmmaking, she loves directing, producing, and editing. Most of the time, you can find her at the local coffee shop enjoying a nice hot cup of coffee. After completing her Master’s degree, Christina plans to continue her love for learning and pursue a Master’s of Fine Arts in hopes of one day becoming a professor.



Instagram @kind_of_a_gray_area

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Andrew Davis

Assistant Spatial Audio Designer

Andrew is a senior studying for a BFA in Sound Design.  After graduation he will be moving to Dallas to pursue a career in sound design and live mixing.  He enjoy training in Mixed Martial Arts and he hopes to compete in national Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitions soon.


Sylvia Fuhrken

Costume Designer

Sylvia Fuhrken is the costume shop manager for Baylor University’s Department of Theatre Arts. She also teaches their intro to costuming course and designs for their annual season. Baylor Design credits include: Anna Karenina, The Amish Project, True West, and Mary Stuart.

In addition to her position at Baylor, Sylvia is a freelance costume designer. Local DFW credits include: Pride and Prejudice, The Gospel According to Thomas Jefferson, Charles Dickens and Leo Tolstoy: Discord, Silent Sky, One Man Two Guvnors, The Big Meal, and Lord of the Flies at WaterTower Theatre and Other Desert Cities at Circle Theatre. She has also worked as a wig stylist in Washington, D.C. for Folger Theatre and Signature Theatre. Credits include: Henry V, Twelfth Night, Miss Saigon, Gypsy, Beaches, and Three-Penny Opera. Film credits include: My Dinner With Werner, Nicky, and The Riverhouse Inheritance.

Website: sylviafuhrken.com



Becca Janney

Assistant Costume Designer

Becca Janney is a costume designer from South Burlington, VT. She is currently the assistant costume shop manager for Baylor University’s Department of Theatre Arts. In 2017, she graduated with a BFA in performance from Baylor. She has  several credits with Baylor University, including Hair and Make Up Design for Moon Over Buffalo and Costume Design for Dancing at Lughnasa.


Website: beccajanney.com


Victor Larson

Set Designer, Lighting Designer

Victor Larson is currently a graduate student at Baylor University working towards a Masters in Communication with an emphasis on Film and Digital Media, having already completed his undergraduate degree with majors in Film and Digital Media, and Spanish.

           During that time he worked to gain a better understanding of the craft of filmmaking by participating in the production of various student films and taking part in High Frame-Rate Tests done by The Society of Motion picture Television Engineers on the Baylor campus. He also expanded his learning opportunities by taking a semester to intern at Silvercup Studios in New York and through that experience is looking to find ways to implement his understanding of story telling and visual language to create high quality content.


Alex Tharp

Graphic Designer

Alex Tharp is a freelance graphic designer residing in Waco, Texas with his wife, Sarah. Alex believes that creating things is an important aspect to being human, and finds great fulfillment in making things for friends, family, clients, and himself. He enjoys creative work, movies, games, and baking. You can find Alex at Barnett's Pub on Wednesdays for trivia having a great time!

You can check out his website here and follow him on twitter @AlexTGraphics