English Downloadable 

You have the world of knowledge at your disposal - from Aristotle to Zora, Anthropology to Zoology, and Arabic to Zapotec. As a teacher of English, there is almost no subject you cannot legitimately bring in to your classroom.  Teaching English is about teaching the human soul and to do so means you have to have your soul connected to the world around you and the world within you - you have to be curious about learning and you have to model that curiosity by learning both from print and digital media.

Yes, we know you listen to podcasts and subscribe to YouTube channels, and we're betting you have a few of them that deal specifically with teaching and learning and, even more specifically, with the teaching and learning of your chosen discipline.  If you are a teacher of English (to whom this collection is aimed), then we're going to tell you that the best channels to which you can subscribe are those which broaden your knowledge base, not limit it.  

The pdf is a bookmarked list of resources that have been used successfully in the English classroom. Please share with colleagues in every subject.  We hope they help and we thank you for teaching.