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what's needed

Yep, even with all of the donated time and materials, there are still expenses that need funding. So we're asking for a little help. In return,  in addition to the satisfaction of helping some fledgling artists and academics attempt to do what has never been done before, you get to follow our story on our blog, a link to the finished product before anyone else, and thanks in the film credits (unless you indicate otherwise).  Donation of money can be made through the Korpi-Carbonara Excellence Fund for Film and Digital Media -- pick amount, click "additional info," & tag it "EBB CVR project" and the funds will go to our project & give you a receipt for your taxes. Inquiries for donations of goods or inquiries about sponsorship can be made through our contact page.

where does your donation go?

Short answer:

After choosing an amount, if you click "additional info" and tag your donation EBB CVR project, it will go to help us create our film, showcase its possibilities, and develop a what-we’ve-learned handbook for other university CVR productions.

Long answer (in order of need): 

     8TB External Hard Drive          $449.95          

            for transferring captured action to post

     Costume Incidentals               $2450

            $175 x 14 actors

     Cardboard VR Viewer             $600

            40 x $15 for fall study

     Catering Day of Shoot             $800

            for 25 cast & crew

     Glasses VR Viewer Merge      $200

            4 x $50 for fall study

     Printing Costs                          $300

     Incidentals*                             $750

     Individual  Microphone           $2800             

            $399.99 x 7    


     Festivals Expenses**                 $5000

     62GB SD professional cards    $620

            $36 x 17 for Odyssey & Zoom mic

     Current Color Test Chart           $469.50

            for norming camera colors

     Zoom H2n Recorder                $159.99

Total Sought                            $14,299.50

How’s the money managed?

The money goes into the Korpi-Carbonara Excellence Fund for Film and Digital Media. It is managed by two men of industry and academia – Dr. Michael Korpi and Dr. Corey Carbonara and overseen by FDM’s Chairman, Chris Hansen.  Money will be used to reimburse the production team for purchases made for the project. Anything purchased for the project remains the property of Baylor University’s Film and Digital Media Department; any money not used remains property of the Korpi-Carbonara Excellence Fund for Film and Digital Media.  

What’s been invested so far?

Time. Lots and lots of time generously donated by graduate students, academics, and industry professionals.  There is no way this project would be happening without their help – 10 people outside the production team, 8 on the production team, 2 volunteers for day of shoot, and 15 actors – all helping because they believe in the possibilities of the project.

Resources.  Lots and lots of resources. We’re using the Baylor’s Odyssey camera, FDM’s color charts and individual mics (though we need a few more), audition space in the Education building, and the ABL location for filming.

Where will the production go?

First, into a high school English classroom to see what the students and their teacher think of using VR in general and our film specifically in the classroom. Then it will go to conferences and festivals and, finally, onto YouTube for anyone to experience. 

Because this is the instrument for my dissertation, the EBB CVR film will be accompanied by lesson plans used, a framework for how to analyze immersive cinematic virtual reality experiences, as well as the literature review and the questions for and parameters of the case study. It will be submitted in spring of 2019 as partial completion of the requirements for my PhD in Curriculum & Teaching. 

What I hope our EBB CVR project will do is serve as a model for educators and industry professionals to combine the possibilities of literature and virtual reality in order to enhance understanding of the universal Truths great literature teaches, Truths which help strengthen the connection between one individual and another, that help remind us of our humanity, and help us see that we are more alike than unalike. 


* Incidentals will include but not be limited to thank you gifts, rehearsal snacks, cast & crew t-shirts (which if anyone would like to sponsor, drop me a line).

** Key in educational academia is travel to conferences in order to give workshop or paper or panel presentations. Key for film students is festival attendance – registration and travel expenses. The funding used here will be for any graduate student on the production team who uses our EBB CVR project in their presentation.