It goes something like this

So, the production is in full swing.  That little idea from the last blog – about EBB CVR – is becoming a reality.  How?  Well, with the help of a dynamically talented production team and the guidance of generous industry professionals, and with me knowing I have no idea what I'm doing.  Okay, not quite true, I have a little idea, a very, very little idea, but I know enough to know I don't know.  So, in case you, too, are in a space where you've an idea in which you believe passionately and which you want to see to fruition, here's an update on the steps I've taken to get to the production stage: 


Step 1: Idea.

Have one. Then generate what you'll need to make that idea real.  In the case of this production, location was primary – no ABL = no film = different dissertation topic.  Next, the film equipment – no equipment = no film = different dissertation topic.  Finally, since my wheelhouse (forgive the cliché) is the classroom and not the film set, I needed to find a production team.  The first on board, when this was just an idea for a classroom presentation, was my cinematographer, Marcos Luna Hoyas. Without him, his belief and his talent, there would be no this. Thank you, Marcos.

Step 2: Broadcasting.

Share idea with those experts who can help make your idea real. Get their thoughts, listen to the problems they find, work with team to solve those problems, to find a way around, over, under, through them.

Step 3: Team Needed.

When you find someone talented and as passionate about your idea as you are, ask them to join your team.

Step 4: See Steps 1-3.


In setting all of this up, I've learned, my title is executive producer – I find the team, keep production meetings on topic & time, and connect with all the people inside & outside the team who are essential to our project's success. Oh, and funding, I find funding. Because even though everyone is donating their time and expertise, and even though our equipment (most of it) is from our university, there are other things we will need to buy like supplies for costumes, items for set design, and food for cast & crew on day of shoot. (See a detailed list here.) 


I'd like to invite you to be a part of this project – to help me provide my team with what they need to make this venture into VR in the secondary English classroom a success.  Because this is a non-profit university production, and because it is for my dissertation, I can't offer you any neat swag upon the project's completion if you donate to our project, but you will be able to experience our film from YouTube when it's done and if you like I'll send you a copy of my dissertation after it's accepted.  And, if you indicate you'd like recognition, I'll be certain your name runs in our credits with others who have donated.  So, please visit the Korpi-Carbonara Excellence Fund for Film and Digital Media and when you review your gift, click "Other" to type "EBB CVR Project" so your donation gets to us.

- in peace & possibility - amg

Amanda Gardner