High School Survival Kits

High School Survival Kit for Parents

If you have a child who is going to be or currently is a high school student, then bless you.  High school is a time of great change for your child and for you. In order to help your student successfully navigate high school, you need a few more tools and a bit more information than our parents needed when we were in high school because public education has changed so much since we walked across the stage. In this survival kit, you will find inside information from my years as a public high school teacher of English that may help you navigate the bureaucracy of high school. 

Graduation: Your Rite of Passage.  

Graduation: Your Rite of Passage.  

High School Survival Kit for Students

Alright, so your parents have a guide for getting you through high school.  Here's one for you too.  I know, why should you take advice from a high school teacher, and a teacher of English at that?  Well, perhaps because I was blessed to have students that have shared with me what they learned in my class and in others.  Perhaps because I'm not your teacher - you will not submit assignments to me, you will earn a grade from me, you will not have to return to the information if you don't want to.  However, if you do click through, you have my word that the information you will find is designed to help you successfully navigate the last four years of your mandatory education.  My purpose? For you to gain the most you can out of these four years so that you can go on to become whoever you wish to be.